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An attentive reader will immediately notice that 190 sculptures are required to enhance only the 3rd skill of the commander - precisely the same as for improving the primary two skills directly. That is what I'm getting to mention - when it's worth pumping the commander to 5-5-5-1, and once you can limit yourself to only two skills, or maybe pumping to 5-1-1-1 is going to be enough.
How to properly pump a commander
In total, a commander can have 6 stars, but already the 4th star will unlock all 4 skills. this is often a fundamental point that you simply got to understand to not spoil the pumping of the commander. Until you finish pumping the commander in Rise of Kingdoms, you can't raise him to 4 stars.
If you unlock 4+ stars directly, then once you start spending sculptures the talents are going to be applied in random order. Therefore, so as to properly pump the commander in Rise of Kingdoms, you would like to consistently raise the commander's star level. But sometimes it is sensible to leap over a star to undertake your luck and obtain better skills, and this guide will contain a number of the following pointers.
If the goal is to pump the primary commander's skill by 5, then you would like to stay at the extent of 1 star. Once we pump the second skill, we raise the commander's star level to 2 stars. Accordingly, if we swing to 5-5-5-1, then we raise it to three stars.
1. Cao Cao
Cao Cao at 5-1-1-1 may be a fully playable commander. With further pumping, there's an opportunity of skipping the second skill - the Qingzhou army, and instead randomly pumping the third one - the tiger knight, or the fourth skill, which can provide a bonus to cavalry attack, speed on the march, rage restoration and healing.
This way of leveling looks like an honest one, and you'll get a commander with a minimal investment even better than some epic ones. you'll use it without first, Pelayo they're going to work great together. Cao Cao 5-1-1-1 is the minimum leveling with a reserve for future investments during this command.
2. Frederick I
Frederick I with 5-5-1-1 leveling may be a ready-made commander that will already be used. And if you're really getting to try pumping it to 5-5, then I counsel you to not waste universal sculptures. Open gold chests within the tavern or await a daily chest if you donate. Leveling up to 2 fives is that the minimum you'll play with Frederick.
3. Lee Seong-gye
Expert Lee Seong-gye is that commander, who had long held within the list of the highest commanders within the list of meta-commanders, then it's. Lee Sung Kye is often utilized in different scenarios, even for leveling other commanders. It's all about his expert skill - Storm of Arrows. These are often legendary Commanders who are the foremost coveted Commanders of any player Farmer in Rise of Kingdoms. And that they aren't only the strongest among other sorts of commanders, but also the foremost expensive to level up to the expert skill.
In this guide, I will be able to consider a special way of pumping legendary commanders - with minimal investment. I will be able to consider and share my expert opinion on the leveling of every specific legendary commander to 5-1-1-1, also on 5-5-1-1 and to 5-5-5-1. Which of those pumps are better, and which are the minimum necessary, even from the purpose of view of the logic and customary sense of a sober person.
The number of sculptures for pumping
As you recognize, any commander is pumped using the sculptures of the commander or universal sculptures. The table below shows the entire number of sculptures for pumping the legendary commander to a particular level, be it 5-1-1-1 for 50 sculptures or 5-5-5-1 for 380. This number doesn't include 10 sculptures that are required to Summon a Legendary Commander within the Rise of Kingdoms.

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e commander, you ought to upgrade to the expert level.
Lee Sung Kye's minimum skill level is 5-5-1-1. then, you'll safely open the 4th star, so you'll skip the third skill - the Joseon Dynasty, and with further pumping, it's possible to pump it to 5-5-1-5 (or on the brink of that) with minimal investment.
What's wrong with Lee Sung Kye at 5-1-1-1? you'll use it with a full squad of archers, and just the facility of the second skill - the art of archers, gives a bonus to the attack of those same archers.
4. Karl Martell
This is another commander who doesn't lose its relevance and is one of the meta-commanders. the simplest of the garrison commanders. But protecting the garrison and pumping with minimal investment contradict one another. Karl Martell drops from golden keys, he's available in daily chests for donation, also as within the most powerful ruler and later within the event, the king of cards.
Karl Martell 5-1-1-1 is the minimum level of pumping, but I might recommend exactly 5-5-1-1. The second skill, heavy infantry, will give passive + 15% to the defense and health of the infantry. This leveling requires a further 140 sculptures (50 + 140 = 190), but it's worthwhile.
So, Karl Martell 5-5-1-1 with 140 extra sculptures is the best pumping with a minimum investment, after which you'll focus on skill Martell's counterattack.
5. Minamoto no Yoshitsune
All new players who have just started playing Rise of Kingdoms want Minamoto! If you would like to form it an expert, then buy all VIP-chests with sculptures from 1 to 9 VIP, which can cost you within ~ 15 thousand rubles.
This commander has relevance at the start of the sport. you'll use it often, but within the later stages, even the expert Minamoto loses ground and is not any longer so useful.
Minamoto 5-5-1-1 is the level of minimum pumping that you simply should specialize in. If you think that Minamoto no Yoshitsune 5-1-1-1 is sweet and can have the best - alas, but it's rubbish.
6. Genghis Khan
The minimum leveling for Genghis Khan is 5-5-1-1. Some argue that you simply also got to download a 3rd skill - a nomadic empire. Nothing like this! This skill only works if the facility of the military is over 70%, but what's the facility of the army? Should Genghis Khan catch the damage from a skill a few times or get surrounded by a "swarm", then the facility of the military will fall below 70%. And when this happens, the third skill will pack up. Above within the section "The number of sculptures for pumping" I even have already said why it's not worthwhile. So 5-5-1-1 may be a normal leveling of Genghis Khan with minimal investment.
7. Hannibal Barka
Hannibal Barka maybe a VIP Commander available for donating from chests. I even have no recommendations for pumping him with minimal investment, because obviously, this commander needs all his skills. But even the expert Hannibal Barca seems like a non-pontoon commander. As I said within the article - the answers to the increase of Kingdoms developers on July 5, perhaps the talents of this commander are going to be updated and reworked.
8. Ishida Mitsunari
Ishida Mitsunari at 1-5-1-1 may be a sufficient level of pumping for a resource collector. We open 2 stars and hope to urge the second skill at 5, then you'll stop pumping it because there's nothing interesting in Isis's skills.
9. Caesar
The commander from the event is that the greatest ruler. His sculptures are often dropped from golden keys within the tavern.
Julius Caesar at 5-5-1-1 is the minimum level of pumping for this commander, after which you'll open the 4th star and, in theory, stop there. Don't waste your generic sculptures thereon - it's just not worthwhile.
10. Mehmed II
Mehmed II is the commander of the golden keys within the tavern. His skills are completely focused on attacking the garrisons of cities. The concept of "with minimal investment" contradicts the aim of this commander - attacks on garrisons, although even an expert one isn't particularly effective during this matter.
Mehmed with 5-5-1-1 is the minimum leveling for this commander to urge any to enjoy his skills.
11. Ramses II
Ramses at 5-5-1-1 just works well. a stimulating part is within the third skill - Army of Amon, namely, the reduction in damage received from skills. It is often seen that the developers specially selected such percentages of 10/30 and 20/40 attack and speed. Therefore, as I said 5-5-1-1 may be a good pumping of Ramses, but if someone decides to take a position more and pump the third skill also, then I can say this - it's better to download the expertise directly. During this case, the skill Companion Nefertari will be available handy together with his healing and increased protection.
Archers benefit more from the talent tree - a skill - than from the attack or defense tree. for instance, in field battles, commanders like Lee Sung-Jae, Edward, and even Sid Campeador perform better because of a group of rage and increased skill damage. I might recommend Ramses, like Artemisia, as a second commander. Expert Ramses is superb at countering, for instance, Richard.
12. Richard I
Richard I at 5-1-1-1 is already a playable commander. This is often another example of pumping a commander with minimal investment, because such a pumping costs only 50 sculptures.
Richard I at 5-5-1-1 seems like a good more reliable commander and this is often my recommendation for this guide to leveling Richard with minimal investment in Rise of Kingdoms. In patch 1.0.36: "Hot Summer", he was added to the daily donation chests.
Some experts, especially on YouTube, advise pumping his third skill, lion heart, and zip else. I talked about this aspect associated with the value of pumping within the "Number of sculptures to pump" section. i would not do this .
13. Saladin
Within this guide, the sole correct leveling for Saladin is 5-5-5-1. you'll make an enormous mistake if you unlock 4 stars before you get Saladin with a pumping of three fives. The Theskill bond of fate provides solid bonuses that are undoubtedly worth their sculptures.
14. Sid Campeador
With any leveling option, Sid doesn't inflict enough damage to be considered effective enough compared to other commanders. Regardless of what different experts say about this commander, Sid Campeador is often useful for increased mobility of shooters and protection.
Sid Campeador 5-5-5-1 is that the minimum level up. Three fives require 380 sculptures, and that I highly discourage the waste of universal sculptures. Other budget leveling options aren't well worth the spent sculptures.
All Sid does is to deal with damage from the skill, which is why the increased defense and speed on the march, because of the skill Guardian of Valencia, are so important to him. After all, the damage depends on the number of troops left, and therefore the speed on the march allows you to go away from the battle and refresh the unit as soon as it turns yellow.
15. Seondeok
Seondeok may be a resource collector with good skill damage. Like any resource collector, 1-5-1-1 is the commonest leveling, for instance for level 27 or something like that.
Sendak leveling 5-5-1-1 just seems good due to the primary skill - humility, but it isn't worthwhile. be happy to tear away 2 stars and swing the second skill by 5, in fact, this may happen randomly.
16. Takeda Shingen
Leveling Takeda with minimal investment almost like Saladin - a 5-5-5-1. within the case of pumping to 5-1-1-1 or 5-5-1-1, this is often definitely not enough for him, because this commander is well worth the spent sculptures.
But if you're getting to take him to a pair with Attila, open the expert skill and zip else. And first of all, to pump Takeda, and only then Attila, because the latter already works well even with pumping of 5-1-1-1 within the presence of an expert Takeda during a pair. It's believed that Takeda's beauty is in his fourth and expert skill, within the buffs related to the normal attack and damage reduction.
17. Tomiris
Tomiris at 5-1-1-1 is another playable commander with a minimum investment. After the introduction of the new mechanics of poisons and poisoning, from the talents of Tomiris, the foremost interesting 4th is the- counterattack of the Massagetae, but in fact, pumping it to 5-1-1-5, skipping the second and third skills, maybe a very small chance.
18. Wu Zeitung
Wu Zeitung is just an honest commander to defend the garrison. don't expect that she is going to show herself elsewhere on the great side, and actually, there's nothing to mention about her pumping with minimal investment.
19. Ethelfled
Ethelfled free commander, we improve the primary skill by 5 then upgrade to the expert skill, completely.
20. Alexander the good
Infantry Attacking Commander Alexander the good at 5-5-1-1 is that the minimum leveling. In fact, you'll get more with pumping to 5-5-5-1, because a beautiful bonus here is that the speed of the infantry on the march and its attack. With this pumping, he will suit any sort of troops, and if you pair him with Guan, then the speed of his march won't be inferior to the typical horse bunch.
21. Artemisia I
Artemisia at 5-5-1-1 is the minimum leveling cost of 190 sculptures. For these sculptures, you'll receive no sickly damage from skill with a multiplier of 1800 and + 20% to the defense and health of archers. Why is it not worth downloading the third skill Xerxes ally to guard the garrison? Remember what I said earlier about the value of skills - a skill with a tenth chance/probability isn't worth 190 sculptures.
22. Attila
The problem Attila lies within the incontrovertible fact that it doesn't work without Takeda. in fact, he's still doing his job, but without Takeda, it is easy to kill him within the field. Takeda with 5-1-1-1 leveling may be a good commander with minimal investment, but before pumping Attila, you ought to concentrate on Takeda. With further pumping, there's an opportunity to enhance Attila's 4 skills, which is more useful than the previous two, especially when it involves the minimum investment.
23. Charlemagne
Charlemagne like Wu Zeitung is the commander available from the awards for winning the KVK. I don't recommend doing his leveling in the least, because this is often a commander who doesn't cost anything. Because his skills are generally average for a legendary commander for his level - conqueror. Charlemagne at 5-1-1-1 is perhaps the ceiling because pumping the second skill costs +140 sculptures, which not is sensible, including pumping it to the third skill.
24. Leonid I
Another commander with a budget level of 5-5-1-1 is Leonid. Just trust me, this minimal leveling is enough to play comfortably. and that is why - because of the third and fourth skills, even with leveling to at least one, you'll still receive a shield with a multiplier of 600 and a 5% bonus to wreck, which is half the ten bonus (if we assume that 4 skills are pumped to the utmost, it gives + 10% i.e. 5% is half).
His expert skill, the Battle of Thermopylae, doesn't live up to expectations, unfortunately, these are just numbers that ought to make us believe that this is often cool, but actually, it's not.
25. Cleopatra VII
Cleopatra VII may be a resource gatherer and moderate buffer. Cleopatra 5-5-1-1 is an exhaustive level of pumping for this commander with minimal investment. During this leveling configuration, she is both a collector and a second support commander who can heal your and allied troops.
26. Constantine
Constantine I at 5-5-1-1 may be a ready commander. As within the case of Saladin, you'll make an enormous mistake if you do not level him correctly. you'll only raise stars once you get Constantine with two A's. At 5-5-1-1, you'll stop or continue investing sculptures and check out your luck to pump it to 5-5-1-5 (after all, the skill is holy cross very strong), which is unlikely.
27. Edward Woodstock
Quite an interesting commander Edward Woodstock, who is sweet with any leveling. I like to recommend accumulating sculptures and pumping Edward Woodstock to 5-5-1-1 - this is often the minimum leveling because you'll get a robust nuker with a damage multiplier of 2500, also as speed on the march and + 30% to the health of shooters for a little cost. Edward Woodstock at 5-5-5-1 may be a ready commander which will be stopped and played quite comfortably.
28. Guan Yu
Guan Yu at 5-1-1-1 is another playable commander. Which is worth spending only 50 sculptures on. then, you'll safely raise it to 4 stars. Even with further pumping, skills 3 and 4 are going to be more priority than the second skill - five tiger generals.
Although Guan Yu may be a relatively new commander, he's already within the same line, for instance, as Lee Song Ge. Despite the minimal investment, after 5-1-1-1, I might recommend pumping Guan Yu to expert skill. it's fully worthwhile. And another thing is the equipment Lucky Skolas Coin, which should be a "must-have" if you've got Expert Guan Yu.
29. Li Sungxing
Commander Li Sungxing, like Theodora, is totally focused on the garrison. If you're wondering if Li Sungxing is sweet at 5-5-1-1, or the way to upgrade Li Sungxing with a minimum investment for cheap? Answer: no way 😉 don't check out any angle, there's no such pumping, even as there's no other way but to pump it to the expert level. This commander has no other purpose than to guard the garrison and therefore the concept of minimal pumping or pumping with a minimum investment goes against the grain, i.e. sharply at odds with its highly specialized purpose.
30. Theodora
Theodora, a bit like Li Sungxing, is concentrated on protecting the garrison. Here again, an equivalent question is raised - the minimum investment in pumping and therefore the appointment of a commander contradict one another. Theodora is upgraded to an expert skill, otherwise, she isn't well worth the cost of being a poorly upgraded garrison commander.
Probably everyone thinks that Theodora should be unlocked a minimum of at 5-1-1-1 and used as a second march to, for instance, farm barbarians, but the radius of the active skill, Empress of Byzantium, is just too small. Obviously, this would possibly not work well. A highly specialized commander for the defense of the garrison, who does a superb job with this task, has no other purpose